Our Vision: Building a Freedom Economy

For some of us, its hard to stomach our beautiful world that's overshadowed by corruption. But there's a silver lining: the chance to rise from the ashes and create anew. Rebel Heart Networking stands at the forefront of this rebirth.

We are a beacon of hope, fostering connection, collaboration, and innovation. By uniting individuals, we are a force against oppressive agendas, choosing to blaze our own trail rather than follow the paths of domineering figures. At our core is a commitment to conscious consumerism, prioritizing genuine alternatives that uphold individual freedoms. Big corp and big tech can F*ck off!

Our mission goes beyond opposing corruption and the authoritarian movement using wokeness and censorship to push their feudalist wet dreams. We're here to shape an economy rooted in our shared values. We envision a world where commerce stands for independence, authenticity, and humanity. Where we co-create a future that sparks inspiration and looks after all. It's about keeping money in the freedom community, and growing our wealth.

If you've ever wanted to make a difference, now's the time, while doing what you love... working on your business. As our message grows stronger, so do the businesses within our network. Join us. Let's Go..

Networking is the catalyst that fuels the growth of an alternative economy while upholding values that pave the way for a brighter future.

Revitalizing Trust-Based Commerce: Fostering Authentic Connections and Empowering Sovereign Individuals

Throughout history, civilizations thrived when people knew who they were doing business with. Back then, the corrupt scumbags didn't stand a chance. It was all about honor, integrity, and finding joy in trading with like-minded individuals. By embracing heart-based connections, we build strong bonds and create meaningful experiences. Rebel Heart Networking aims to bring back that better commercial environment by fostering authentic alignment and empowering individuals to operate with sovereignty. This way, we can revitalize the economy based on trust, conscious commerce, and our collective pursuit of a brighter future.

The Mission

Our mission at Rebel Heart Business Networking is to unite freedom-loving, independent, and forward-thinking individuals to create a parallel economy (freedom economy) that breaks free from the grip of technocrats. Together, we empower business owners to challenge the status quo, think outside the box, and forge their paths to success. To speak freely without free of being cancelled. We aim to build a resilient ecosystem that embraces integrity, innovation, and individuality through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and conscious commerce. We want to keep money in the freedom community, and grow wealth, because a strong wealthy community can make better choices.

In short: Rebel Heart Networking: Unite, Connect, and Thrive in a Parallel Economy of Freedom and Solidarity.

About the Founder

Jacquie Baker is a seasoned marketing strategist and co-owner of Ghost Flower Creative alongside her husband, Christopher Shaw. She also spearheaded Jax5d, a Conscious Business consulting agency. At the core of Jacquie's work is a mission to evolve businesses from models driven by scarcity and greed to ones centered on love, joy, and spiritual success.

While in Australia, Jacquie leveraged BNI to dramatically grow her agency. Within three years of attending BNI, her earnings skyrocketed from $600 a month to over $30,000 a month, underscoring the power of networking. In 2021, driven by her pursuit of independence and personal freedom, Jacquie and her family relocated from Melbourne to Texas. This move mirrors her unwavering determination to lead a life on her terms.

With Rebel Heart Networking, Jacquie combines her business acumen and desire to collaborate with awakened individuals. She aspires to create a space where business is viewed as a noble exchange, free from greed. Her vision is a community where businesses embody freedom, integrity, and genuine commerce. Determined to share the prosperity that networking offers, Jacquie invites you to join her in redefining modern commerce and crafting a brighter, more genuine future, one Rebel Heart at a time.

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