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At Rebel Heart Networking, we seek passionate leaders to step up and guide our community toward prosperity and freedom. We want to hear from you if you can illuminate the path to a brighter future. As a Hub Leader, you'll play a pivotal role in shaping your community and receive a monthly fee to ensure your time and energy are financially valued.


Your Responsibilities

As a Hub Leader, you will lead your Hub's meetings once every two weeks. These meetings are designed to be engaging and productive, featuring elements like referral requests, member testimonials, shared success stories, and open networking opportunities.

The Hub Starter Kit

To kickstart a Hub, you'll need a minimum of 15 enthusiastic individuals ready to embark on this journey with you. Additionally, you'll participate in our comprehensive Rebel Leader training, ensuring you have the tools and knowledge needed to lead your Hub effectively.

Training Details

Our training program is divided into two essential components: initial training, kickstarts your leadership skills, and ongoing training to continuously empower you as a Hub Leader. These training sessions equip you with valuable knowledge, proven strategies, and effective practices, enabling you to establish and lead a prosperous Hub.

Member Onboarding and Engagement

Hub Leaders are instrumental in onboarding new members and engaging with visitors who may want to join. Your role includes guiding new members through the process and ensuring they feel welcome and supported.

Venue Selection

You will be responsible for finding a suitable venue for your Hub meetings. Collaborate with you to identify and secure an ideal location. We take care of venue costs, and each attending member receives a complimentary drink so you won't have any financial responsibility beyond the venue selection.

Time Commitment

We understand your time is valuable, so our Hub Leader role is designed to be efficient and impactful. Leading a Hub typically involves a 90-minute meeting every two weeks, allowing you to balance your leadership responsibilities with your other commitments. In addition to this, you'll spend a couple of hours per week on administrative tasks and member outreach. This commitment offers the perfect balance to hone your leadership skills, gain visibility as a community leader, and earn some extra income, all while making a meaningful impact on your local community.

Expanding Your Leadership Role

The possibilities are boundless if you're passionate about leadership and making a positive impact. You can lead multiple Hubs, allowing you to extend your influence and contribution within the Rebel Heart Networking community. Each Hub you lead brings unique growth and rewards opportunities, ensuring your dedication and leadership skills are recognized and valued.

Compensation and Benefits

As a Hub Leader, you'll play a pivotal role in shaping your community and receive a monthly fee to ensure your time and energy are financially valued. While the exact income can vary depending on the size and growth of your Hub, many of our Hub Leaders find it to be a rewarding opportunity, with approximate earnings of around 10,000 USD per year per Hub they run. This income acknowledges your dedication and serves as a testament to the impact you're making on your local community.

 Comprehensive Bonuses

To incentivize the growth of your Hub, we offer a range of bonuses tailored to reward your hard work and commitment. You'll have the opportunity to earn even more as your Hub thrives.

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Are you ready to lead your community toward prosperity and freedom?

If you're enthusiastic, driven, and passionate about making a difference, we invite you to join us as a Rebel Heart Networking Hub Leader.

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