Build A Freedom Economy

A parallel economy, or as we like to think of it, a Freedom Economy,  is a separate system of trade and transactions that exists alongside the regular or mainstream economy. In this alternative economy, people engage in buying, selling, and exchanging goods and services, but it operates independently from the traditional financial structures and institutions. It can be created by groups or communities with specific beliefs or goals, aiming to foster self-reliance, independence, and resilience. Part of our goal is to create a network of business who consciously are aware of the power of choice, and can see a future where we can trade, barter and do business within the existing systems, but on the terms that work for our future, not the greedy and corrupt.

We risk walking into an unwelcome future that could resemble a communist or technocratic society, with the recent transfer of wealth to the mega-rich class.  After all, we have heard that by 2030 we will own nothing and be happy – it makes it easier for this plan to be rolled out, if people become dependent on the state and large corporations. At Rebel Heart, we maintain that the Freedom Economy should work together to help each other become financially independent from the government, as a form of protection from tyranny. At Rebel Heart we are in the business of transferring wealth from the meg-rich to ‘WE THE PEOPLE’.


Here are some reasons to help build a Freedom Economy:

1. Resilience during Lockdowns:

Building a parallel economy provides a safety net for small businesses during lockdowns or crises, as it operates independently from mainstream systems that may be affected.

2. Food and Energy Independence:

With the threat of central control over essential supplies, a freedom economy allows communities to focus on local production and distribution, ensuring a stable and secure source of food and energy. We don’t want to line up at Walmart to be given our rations.

3. Privacy and Control:

By operating outside mainstream financial systems, individuals can protect their privacy and have more control over their personal information and purchasing habits, avoiding social credit tracking.

4. Freedom of Thought and Expression:

In a freedom economy, people can freely express their thoughts and ideas without fear of groupthink consequences, enabling a diverse and innovative environment. By doing business with a network of freedom lovers who appreciate and respect the 1st Amendment you don’t need to live in fear of being cancelled, en masse. Sure people might not want to work with you if they don’t like you, but you won’t be doxxed, or abused from within this group.

5. Protection from Financial Crashes and Inflation:

A parallel economy can provide a shield against the impacts of financial crashes and inflation by employing alternative monetary systems and assets.  Fair is fair when you have real relationships with real people.

6. Collaboration with Passionate Individuals:

Engaging in a freedom economy connects like-minded, passionate people who are dedicated to a common vision, fostering meaningful and fulfilling collaborations. We are all willing to build a future that benefits us, not a select few who seek control and power.

7. Resisting Doom-Narratives:

Those in the freedom economy often reject pessimistic narratives and focus on positive solutions, promoting optimism and proactive problem-solving. We know whats going on, we aren’t going to sit back and let it. We are the front line defense, using our beautiful skills and our desire for a better world to create it.

8. Embracing Creativity and Inspiration:

Working within a parallel economy encourages creativity and inspiration, as individuals are free from rigid constraints and can explore innovative approaches to business and life.  When you break free from the rules, you can access more ideas that have not been hidden away. Empowerment and seeking bring forth new life and new ways. Seeing others thrive and being brave is contagious.

9. Protection from the Globalist Machine:

A parallel economy provides a shield against the influence and control of globalist agendas, allowing individuals to make decisions based on local needs and priorities rather than being subjected to external forces.

10. Financial Prosperity and Independence:

Injecting money into the community through the parallel economy boosts local businesses and individuals’ financial well-being. As people become financially strong, they gain the freedom to make choices that align with their values and goals, rather than being reliant on external support or government assistance.

11. Reducing Government Dependency:

By actively participating in a parallel economy, individuals and communities can reduce their reliance on government programs and support, fostering self-reliance and autonomy. This empowers people to take charge of their own destinies and find sustainable solutions within their local networks.

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