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We are Brand Shamans, helping you on your journey to bring forth your vision.


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Our Story

Our approach is holistic, working primarily with the natural laws of nature. Removing fear and creating a flow state will open your business to more expansive opportunities. We work with you to distill your essence and vision and co-create a message that is a magic spell for your audience. Drawing in people who you want to speak to.

The founders, Chris and Jacquie, have re-orientated their large traditional brand agency into one that plays in between the realms of ’20 years of brand and web experience’ and the metaphysical. Understanding that frequencies create form and the relationship between our clients is about helping them hold their vibration in the clearest optimal formation and us interpreting it to make its structure in the physical form. We are Brand Shamans, helping you on your journey to bring forth your vision.

This may sound a tad esoteric for a couple of people who in their essence are masters of helping traditional business grow. But we really only want to work with people who are inspired by the new world that is filling in, and people who are passionate about their contributions. We don’t care if your goals are lofty, or simple. We love playing with people who want to create with joy and abundance. Not scarcity and ego. We get shit done. We are creators and producers. Project flow fast once we are in alignment.

We have spent years asking these questions

What does it take to generate a brand that retains broad appeal yet still retains the sovereignty and love of its founders? How do you scale a business without stepping into compromise and inauthenticity? How do you stand in your truth? We have the answers.

About Member

Christopher Shaw

My project management and creative direction comes from a place of Zen. We do not struggle, we find alignment, we let it flow. If there is resistance, we find the blocks, we work with them with compassion, not judgment.

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