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Business networking for the awakened.
Lets' create a better future!

Do you feel like you have stepped into a bizarre upside down universe? Are your values now seen as rebellious? Have you been told that wanting a nice life for yourself and your family is somehow offensive? We want to talk to you!

All this talk about building back better is not happening, well, not for us, anyway. We aren't going to sit around and wait for the government and globalists to save us. We have to build a better future ourselves. We are connecting people who can see through the propaganda and are unwilling to comply. Together we are connecting to consciously focus on growing our own businesses and co-creating the future we want.


If you want to do business with people who can speak freely, be yourself and not tiptoe around people who either believe this week's psyop or are asleep at the wheel. We are your people. Come talk to us. Rebel Heart is a networking group for people willing to show up and build a freedom economy.


How it works


Rebel Heart meets bi-weekly. You belong to a hub, either in real life or online. This is where you'll connect with like-minded individuals and get to know each other.


Each meeting, you have an opportunity ask for referrals - asking is the key to receiving! A referral is as simple as recommending a fellow member's services to others.


Choose to buy from or collaborate with businesses in our network whenever possible. This not only boosts the community's economy but also strengthens our bond.


At meetings, there is an opportunity to talk about how a member did a great job for you or helped in someway. Being grateful increases the vibration and elevates reality.


Schedule one-on-one meetings with various members. This helps in understanding their offerings better and fosters closer relationships.


Regularly, you will be asked to present a 10 -15 minute talk about your business and what you have to offer. A deeper understanding makes it easier for others to refer.


We track our group's combined sales. This celebrates our shared achievements and acts as a motivator. It also serves as an attraction for new members.


Create a profile to list your business and tell your story, so people can look for specific products and services in the network.


Many of us grew weary during COVID, witnessing political, social, and business changes. Some of us were shunned, and others were disenchanted with people who seemed to betray a social contract about health and personal sovereignty. Sure, we might be able to call it mass hypnosis or blame it on the MSM, but whatever, it meant that we wanted to distance ourselves from people who are on a different page from us. Not in a judgmental cancellation way, more like taking a step back and looking for people who see things as they are, not as the media tells us. And as the narrative has called for limiting our human touch points, calls for remote work, online selling, and tech-driven interactions surged. We seek real conversations, authentic relationships, and creative thinking outside the crumbling old systems. 

We acknowledge that many remain silent, fearful of speaking out due to looming censorship. At Rebel Heart, we champion open dialogue. Here, you can express yourself freely and support others who see beyond the inauthentic, manipulated narratives thrust upon us.

We're acutely aware of global attempts to undermine the middle class and small businesses for broader control. We're not just bystanders; we actively oppose this. We can retain resources within our community by rallying together and fostering businesses and families driven by passion, freedom, and independence. We encourage cash and trade. 

Connecting People. Shaping the Future

The Rebel Heart Network is a business network for conscious, courageous, and sovereign individuals! Over the past few years, you may have lost connections with your community because of your discernment, norm-questioning behavior, or refusal to accept lies presented as the truth.  It's time to work with each other to build strong businesses, consciously spending money with each other, and becoming less dependent on the crumbling corrupt systems.

It's time to show up!  Ask for what you want! Work with a community ready to step into a future filled with light and opportunities. If you want to create more and to be free to speak your truth without fear of cancelation, join us - the brave souls who seek authenticity beyond the imposed narratives. We are taking charge of shaping our own destinies - together!

Grow your business
Join us to expand your business through referrals, directory features, and shared insights from our members. Connect with a community of like-minded individuals, access valuable resources, and collaborate on inspiring projects that propel your business forward.
Grow your business
Build genuine relationships
Membership with us means connecting with genuine, supportive individuals who value authentic relationships. Foster meaningful connections, collaborate on impactful projects, and receive invaluable support from a community that understands the challenges and triumphs of our journey.
Build genuine relationships
Create a better future
By joining our movement, you're not just a member but a contributor. You become part of a collective dedicated to shaping a brighter future. Collaborate with fellow members to drive positive change, contribute to initiatives aligned with your values, and actively participate in building a thriving community economy independent of authoritarian influence.
Create a better future

We Are Looking for local rebels. 

For those who dare to tread the path less traveled, who value authenticity over convention, and who seek to weave the fabric of a vibrant, awakened community: our call resonates with you if you identify as any of the following:

Homesteaders, Ranchers, Growers, Healers, Artists, Makers, Builders, Clean Eaters, Constitution Lovers, Norm Questioners, Truth Seekers, Nonconformists, Peace Advocates, Government Skeptics, Corporate Critics, Medical System Dissenters, Authenticity Advocates, Connection Cultivators, Optimists for a Better Future, Positive Visionaries, Small Business Owners, Local Merchants, Traditional Farmers, Craftsmen, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Herbalists, Free and Sovereign Beings, Traditional Grocers, Alternative Practitioners, Barbers, Seamstresses, Tailors, Lightworkers, Beekeepers, Blacksmiths, Family-Run Cafes, Holistic Therapists, Constitution Enthusiasts, Traditional Medicine Practitioners, Woodworkers, Born with Unalienable Rights, Pure Hearts, Connected to God, Rebels, Teachers, Mentors, Crypto-Heads, IT Specialists, Inventors, Writers, Neuroscientists, Ex-military personnel and veterans.

Healing and Wellness
Food and Produce
Tech and Digital
Creatives & Entertainers
business support
Local retailers


01: Invitation and Application

Receive an invitation for a virtual or face-to-face meeting. If not invited but interested, click here to express your interest. Submit an application sharing your vision and values.

02: Interview and Alignment

Attend an interview to align our goals. Engage in a conversation to ensure compatibility.

03: Membership Confirmation

Pay membership fees, investing in your future and community. Choose full payment or a payment plan.

04: Commitment and Embrace

Commit to showing up, bringing energy and vision. Embrace the Rebellion: Upon approval and payment, proudly become a Rebel Heart member.


We're a close-knit community – homesteaders, ranchers, and growers, all playing our parts in tending the land and reaping its rewards.

Our healer's skills flow through their hands. Our creatives reflect the beauty within us. Each structure we build reshapes our world, turning us into architects and artisans.

We nourish our bodies with intention and resolve when it comes to food. No poison in our bodies or our hearts. Our physical bodies project the light.

While the world follows the same old script, we courageously question the plot. Big governments and corporate tyrants don't hold sway over us.

Hospitals and factories hum their tunes, and conflicts rage, but they do not define us. Corruption and manipulation find no place in our hearts. We see through the smoke and mirrors and are not pawns in anyone's game.

As parents, friends, and community pillars, we stand strong for each other. Speaking up, so others can find sanctuary.

We are the new world architects and cocreate the blueprints. We stand as guiding lights of authenticity and human connection while others try to dim.

Love is the foundation we're built on – it shelters us as we craft a legacy of creation and use it as protection. Even in uncertain times, our optimism for a brighter future never wavers...this is our purpose.

We weave a tapestry of resilience, honest intentions, positive beliefs, and unyielding strength. We champion truth, sew the seeds of change, and stand as guiding lights of hope.

We are Rebel hearts, daring to make a difference that resonates through generations.

We Stand For











We understand that each member has unique needs and aspirations. At this stage we offer different memberships, and two types of hubs.  Online and In-Person.  Our goal is to have hundreds of in-person hubs, as we know human connection is the way forward. But while we are starting out, we are having online hubs so we can get the ball rolling and build our communities.  We are open to ideas, are we are still figuring things out, so please reach out, if you have a brilliant idea when it comes to membership. 

Rebel Heart Membership

Join a Hub: As a Rebel Heart member, you're part of a dynamic and supportive hub, gaining access to its unique resources and community.

Regular Meetings: Attend scheduled meetings with your hub, sharing insights, experiences, and collaboration opportunities.

Community Engagement: Create, or participate in hub events, collaborations, and projects to connect and grow alongside fellow members.

Referral Opportunities: Promote your business and tap into recommendations from hub members, amplifying your reach and clientele.

Market Place listing: Be found and supported in our network, free listing in the Rebel Heart 

Exclusive Benefits: Enjoy member-only discounts, marketplace listings, and other unique perks exclusive to your hub.

Tell Your Story: Be interviewed for our Rebel Heart Podcast. * first 20 members.

Rebel Connector Membership

Join Two Hubs: As a Rebel Connector member, you gain membership in a second one, doubling your network. Either both In real life, or one in real life or online combination. It's also great for businesses to have two people in a group.

Bridge Between Groups: Play a vital role by acting as a bridge, facilitating communication and collaboration between the two hubs.

Regular Meetings with Both Hubs: Attend scheduled meetings to multiply your opportunities to share, learn, and grow.

Access to Double Resources: Benefit from a broader range of resources and insights by being a part of two diverse groups.

Enhanced Community Engagement: Engage in events, collaborations, and projects across both hubs, broadening your horizons.

Expanded Referral Opportunities: Amplify your business promotion and receive double the recommendations from members across two hubs.

Market Place listing: Be found and supported in our network, free listing in the Rebel Heart Marketplace.

Exclusive Benefits: Enjoy all the member-only discounts, marketplace listings, and other exclusive perks from both groups.

Tell Your Story: Be interviewed for our Rebel Heart Podcast. * first 20 members.

Grow Your Influence: With a presence in two hubs, increase your sphere of influence, expand your tribe, and strengthen your standing in the community.

Choose your membership type and visit a Rebel Heart meeting today. 



if you are in the Hill Country - come to our meeting as a visitor and check it out.

If you are too far, join one of our online meetings as a visitor and see if its right for you.

If you want to start a hub in our area - message here and start a conversation.

Lets do it!

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