Rebel Heart Suppliers Better than a Call Center or Chat Bot

Trying to get sh*t done in today’s environment means connections with suppliers is crucial. Ironically, as technology has been sold to us to make our lives easier, paradoxically we spend our days in a world increasingly dominated by automated responses, support tickets, and impersonal call centers. The human touch is often lost. Sure there are benefits to technology, but for most of us, business is personal. As business owners and professionals, we long for authentic, nuanced conversations with people who just get it.

One of the benefits of Rebel Heart Networking, is finding really good suppliers.  You know real life, humans, who know what you are talking about, and might even try and have a laugh with you!

It’s not all about referrals and boosted sales, although that does happen. There is something comforting and extremely exciting when you get to work with experts that can help you elevate your business and your human experience. There is fun to be had collaborating with people who can take your vision and help you take it to the next level. Most of us have chosen to go into business because we are passionate about what we do. To be funneled into supplier relationships where there is no soul or care, means we don’t get the best outcomes on our business journey.

Our networking means you can get clear about who you want to work with, what expertise you are looking for and ask people to introduce you to people who fit your way of working.  Having the right team working with you behind the scenes can take the stress out of your day, they can optimize your time and boost your income. Sh*t gets done, and when you need help in an emergency, you can usually pick up the phone and ask for help.

Paying for good suppliers and understanding the value they bring to the table is an exciting and nourishing way to operate. When you like who you are working with, you can get excited about paying their invoice, it isn’t a grudge purchase. For most of us, we can see that money acts as an energy exchange, so paying suppliers who are in alignment with most of our values, and we know its actually going to help them in a meaningful way becomes important. No more paying greedy corporations who are pushing their nasty social engineering to gain power. So having good suppliers, becomes an act of empowerment. Which is badass and a little bit rebellious.

If you can’t find the right people to help you grow your business, or just want people who get you, Rebel Heart Networking could be the place for you!


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