Welcome Hub Leaders

Hello, you glorious Rebel!

Nice of you to be Rebel Heart curious!

Thanks for playing with the idea of stepping into a leadership role. In these weird times, it's incredible to witness the number of courageous, heart-led people willing to help guide others into a prosperous future! Thank You

You Are Who We Are Looking For!

Being a Hub leader, in my opinion, is a great opportunity to establish yourself and your business in a way that highlights your interpersonal and leadership skills.

I have designed it to have as low of an impact as possible on your daily life. We have created structured meeting agenda applications, and we take care of all the payments associated with venue costs and drinks.

It even pays you for your time. The only real effort in starting a hub is finding a core group of people in your area to join and committing to show up for each other every two weeks.

Of course, if you decide to become a hub leader, we offer training, so you are equipped to onboard alignment-conscious operators who can see the larger vision of creating healthy, wealthy local communities that are not dependent on the globalists and the corrupt systems that are trying to encroach on our freedoms.

Please watch the video. I'll be making more content about what it means to be a hub leader as we build out the infrastructure.

If you want to chat, book an appointment with me. I am here to answer questions, or simply say hi! What's the point of starting a networking organization without some networking!

Until we speak, thank you again; ordinary* people like you and me must come together to create the future we want. ( *ordinary as in totally f*cking amazing people, filled with courage and love)

I cannot wait to meet you. Reach out, say hello, and we can talk more about starting your hub.


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Let's do it!