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Thank you for going on the waitlist! We are ramping up things here, building the infrastructure to create beautiful, conscious, heart led meetings with people who want to step into a prosperous future.Our vision is to have the freedom community come together in person and help grow each other's businesses.

Why We Need This Now!

I've had 20 years of marketing experience and helped grow hundreds of businesses. For most busy operators, business networking can give a very high return on investment for their time, making it an easy, fun way to amplify their message. ( hello business networking yielded 20billion in referred business in 2022 in the USA) It works!!

So I firmly believe, the Rebel Heart Network is marketing activity first and a community-building exercise secondary.  I personally experienced growing my business in Australia to $60,000 a month through networking. I understand how it works and I also know how to teach people how to scale their business, call in people they love working with, while maintaining their authentic self - no twisting and turning to fit into social media's algorithms here!

Thirdly, this is an act of empowerment to consciously bring money back into the the homes of smaller businesses and away from the technocrats and globalists who have created monopolies to siphon wealth and use our money against us to create a Neo-fualist system of oppression. Sounds heavy, I know, but let's be honest here, there is some serious sh*t going on in the grand scheme of things, and we need to come together to counter that. Strong, prosperous communities are an essential way to do that. Because when we have money, we can make better decsions about our lives. Financial stress means we make choices based on survival, and I want everyone to thrive so they can make empowered choices.

Over the next few weeks, I'll send you some information about our vision, how the meetings will be run, and how we need you to show up and step into a community. Communities are the by-product of action, and that action can be as simple as showing up and bringing our energy to a space. But it's also about telling us why you do what you do, why you love what you do, and why we need your service or product. There is power in asking to receive and being in a space where it is not only safe to ask for what you need but also received with excitement. It will be a fruitful and exciting addition to how you do business.

I cannot wait to meet you. Reach out, say hello, and we can get to know each other before the meetings start.

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