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Fellow rebels, creators, and entrepreneurs, welcome to Rebel Heart Network—a business networking community for the conscious, courageous, and sovereign. We’re here to build businesses with love and connection, believing we can create a better world, one relationship at a time.

This is a non-political, bipartisan space where authenticity reigns. We’re grassroots, community-focused, pro-human, and pro-prosperity. Our mission is simple: build resilient businesses, support each other consciously, and break free from corrupt systems. Let’s stand up together and create the wealth, support, and community we deserve. Be free to speak your truth, and tell your story of how and why you do business your way.

Join us in shaping a future that reflects our values and aspirations. Let’s reclaim our voices, our businesses, and our freedoms. We are the architects of a new era where courage meets integrity and truth prevails over fear.

Welcome to the revolution.


Grow your business
Join us to expand your business through referrals, directory features, and shared insights from our members. Connect with a community of like-minded individuals, access valuable resources, and collaborate on inspiring projects that propel your business forward.
Grow your business
Build genuine relationships
Membership with us means connecting with genuine, supportive individuals who value authentic relationships. Foster meaningful connections, collaborate on impactful projects, and receive invaluable support from a community that understands the challenges and triumphs of our journey.
Build genuine relationships
Create a better future
By joining our movement, you're not just a member but a contributor. You become part of a collective dedicated to shaping a brighter future. Collaborate with fellow members to drive positive change, contribute to initiatives aligned with your values, and actively participate in building a thriving community economy independent of authoritarian influence.
Create a better future

How it works

Joining the Rebel Heart Network is like finding your rebel tribe—a cozy business networking home , where we gather to swap business referrals, share glowing testimonials, and boost each other's ventures. It's a pact to collaborate, championing prosperity, local ties, and self-reliance in a world full of uncertainties. This is your chance to roll up your sleeves and make a real impact right in your own community.

Membership gives you full access to our growing network, spanning multiple hubs. Dive in headfirst: show up to meetings, have those heart-to-hearts with fellow members to refer ideal clients, swap testimonials, and dive into projects that uplevel your business game. Enjoy perks like accelerated growth, prime marketplace listings, speaking gigs, shout-outs in our member emails, a treasure trove of resources, and even a shot at being featured on the Rebel Heart Podcast—where your business gets the spotlight it deserves, thanks to our network-driven mojo. You donn't have to be an influencer, you just need to show up in your authenticity.


Empowering the Individual, Building a Parallel Economy.

Our mission is straightforward: to connect with authentic individuals who proudly stand in their truth and inspire us. Through these genuine relationships, we prioritize one another over faceless corporations and globalists by fostering local prosperity. By circulating money within our community, we enhance unity and financial independence, sidestepping the grasp of technocrats and globalists who aim to track, control, and hijack our futures.

We're all about focusing 80% on growing prosperity and crafting a future where we call the shots. The other 20%? It's about staying sharp, knowing there's a sinister agenda at play, and recognizing the power of community to withstand it.

It's time to starve the globalists, funnel wealth back into the middle class, and uplift each other to thrive.

Join the Rebel Heart Network, and let's co-create a resilient future together. Our vibrant community, united in its celebration of free-thinking, discernment, and a diversity of ideas, encourages collaboration and offers endless possibilities, making you a part of something bigger and more impactful.

Get Involved

Choose Your Path: Join as a Member or Lead a Hub—two ways to dive into and shape the Rebel Heart Movement.

Become a Member

Join a hub of like-minded individuals, create a directory listing, and gain access to valuable resources. Connect with a network of passionate business owners who, like you, are committed to creating a parallel economy based on freedom and conscious commerce. Together, we can make a difference.

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Start a Hub

Take the reins in your local area by starting a Rebel Heart Networking hub. Empower and unite local businesses while fostering collaboration, growth, and a shared vision for a brighter future. We need leaders who show up with integrity. Let's make it happen!
We need you!

This is me!

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We Are Looking for local rebels. 

We're on the lookout for local rebels who embody authenticity, sovereignty, and freedom. Can you imagine? Being a true, freedom-loving individual is the new form of rebellion. Let's stop discussing the obstacles and start taking tangible steps to shape our future. Whether you're an established business ready to grow or just starting out, eager to showcase your skills, we are eager to connect with you and welcome you into our community.

You are the missing piece in this puzzle of growth and evolution. Now is the time to show up, share your talents, and elevate your message. Rebel Heart networking isn't just about promising a brighter future; it's about filling your pockets with prosperity.

Join us and supercharge your business with new referrals, collaborations, and resources that boost your bottom line. This is easy marketing—no need to be an influencer or master social media and advertising (who are in cahoots with the agenda). Let's pave the way to a thriving, prosperous, and rewarding tomorrow!

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