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The Rebel Heart Network is a business network for conscious, courageous, and sovereign individuals! Over the past few years, you may have lost connections with your community because of your discernment, norm-questioning behavior, or refusal to accept lies presented as the truth.  It's time to work with each other to build strong businesses, consciously spending money with each other, and becoming less dependent on the crumbling corrupt systems.

It's time to show up!  Ask for what you want! Work with a community ready to step into a future filled with light and opportunities. If you want to create more and to be free to speak your truth without fear of cancelation, join us - the brave souls who seek authenticity beyond the imposed narratives. We are taking charge of shaping our own destinies - together!

Grow your business
As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your business by asking for referrals, being highlighted in the directory, and learning from members. Connect with a community of like-minded people, tap into valuable resources and educational materials, and collaborate on projects that inspire and expand your business.
Grow your business
Build genuine relationships
Membership allows you to connect with genuine, supportive individuals passionate about building authentic relationships. Create real connections, collaborate on projects, and gain valuable support from a community that understands the challenges and victories of our times. Build a network that goes beyond business and nurtures personal growth as well.
Build genuine relationships
Create a better future
By joining us, you become part of a movement dedicated to creating a better future. Collaborate with fellow members to drive positive change, contribute to initiatives that align with your values, and make a meaningful impact. Work on bringing money into our community so our futures thrive, and look at ways to use our network to create a parallel economy outside of the totalitarian encroachment.
Create a better future

How it works

Becoming a member of the Rebel Heart Network means joining your "home hub," a group that meets bi-weekly to exchange business referrals, share testimonials, and collaboratively strengthen each other's enterprises. Membership is a pact to work as a team, fostering the growth of each business within a framework that values prosperity, local connections, and self-reliance in the face of global uncertainties. It is an opportunity to take action and make a your community.

Membership also includes open network access, allowing you to connect across multiple hubs. Active participation is key: attend meetings, meet members for 'heart to hearts' so you can refer ideal customers, share and receive testimonials, and engage in projects that cultivate business resilience. Benefits include increased business growth, marketplace listings, speaking opportunities, highlighted member email blasts, membership resources, and the chance to be featured on the Rebel Heart Podcast, providing a robust platform for business exposure and network-driven growth.


Empowering the Individual, Building a Parallel Economy.

Our mission is simple: to engage with genuine individuals who stand proudly in their truth and inspire us. Through these relationships, we prioritize one another over corporations and globalists, nurturing local prosperity. By circulating money within our community, we strengthen unity and financial independence, minimizing the encroachment of technocrats and globalists who seek to track, control, and co-opt our futures.

Join Rebel Heart Network; let's co-create a resilient future together. Our vibrant community celebrates free thinking, discernment, and diversity of ideas, encourages collaboration, and offers endless possibilities

Get Involved

Choose Your Path: Join as a Member or Lead a hub—two pathways to actively engage and shape the Rebel Heart Movement.

Become a Member

Join a hub of like-minded individuals, create a directory listing, access valuable resources, and connect with a network of passionate business owners committed to creating a parallel economy based on freedom and conscious commerce.

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Start a Hub

Take the lead in your local area by starting a Rebel Heart Networking hub. Empower and unite local businesses while fostering collaboration, growth, and a shared vision for a better future. Let's do this!

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We Are Looking for local rebels. 

We're on the lookout for local rebels who embrace authenticity, sovereignty, and freedom. Can you believe it? Being an authentic, freedom-loving soul is the new way to rebel. Stop talking about the challenges and start taking concrete steps to improve our future. Whether you're an established business ready to expand or just starting out, eager to showcase your talents, we want to connect with you.

You are the missing piece in this puzzle of growth and evolution. Now is the time to show up, share your talents, and elevate your message.

Rebel Heart networking isn't just about promising a brighter future; it's about filling your pockets with prosperity. Join us now, and together, let's pave the way to a thriving and rewarding tomorrow!

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Come and check out one of our meetings, either IRL or online.


The Rebel Heart

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Our blog dedicated to exploring innovative ideas, conscious business practices, tips to optimize your membership and empowering insights that inspire individuals and businesses to shape a brighter future.

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