When the Challenge of Norms Unsettles Us

We live in an age of unprecedented access to information, where answers are a mere click away. And I know many of you have been on the nasty end of being cancelled for speaking up. So this blog, isn’t directed at you. This is more of a reminder, that even though we are all here because we have similar values, we aren’t here to all think the same way. So on occasion you may be exposed to people who have had access to more information than you, and their ideas or knowledge feels scary. Or they may just want to talk about stuff, that you have deemed, not for you.  Whatever your experience or how awake you are there will be some subjects remain on the fringes, especially the deep, dark, and introspective. At Rebel Heart Networking, we believed that to challenge norms and push boundaries, we must first embrace the uncomfortable ( which doesn’t equate to believe or follow blindly). We do not want Rebel Heart to become dogmatic, or create our own ideology that turns into a weird authoritarian group.  Now, in the context of business networking, we don’t think there will be too many issues, but these ideas may be applicable in your everyday business life.

Uncomfortable Isn’t Fear-Mongering

It’s easy to label uncomfortable subjects as ‘spreading fear’ or ‘too intense.’ But remember, the discomfort of venturing into unknown territory is precisely how humanity has learned, grown, and evolved. When we engage in these discussions, we’re not aiming to induce anxiety; we’re fostering an environment of exploration and enlightenment. Keep ideas large, and don’t take them down to a personal, or identity level.

Feeling Triggered? Time for Some Self-Reflection

Our emotions, especially the intense ones, can be our best teachers. If you find yourself triggered by a topic, it might be less about the subject at hand and more about your personal reactions to it. Emotions are indicators, not directives. They tell us there’s something within us that needs addressing. Don’t shoot the messenger!

Nothing’s Off the Table, but Keep It Tasteful

Curiosity about our existence and the deeper questions of life is natural. Everything’s up for discussion as long as it’s done tastefully and stems from individual experiences or perceptions of reality. No universal truths here, just personal journeys. Remember, this is a business networking group, so understanding there is a time, and a place is important.

Handling Your Reactions: A Few Tools for the Way

1. Breathe Deeply: When you feel overwhelmed, take a moment to breathe. Deep, intentional breaths can calm the storm within.
2. Journal: Write down what you’re feeling. It helps to see your emotions on paper and to process them objectively.
3. Ask Yourself: Why did this topic stir these feelings? Is there a past experience connected to it? Dive deep.
4. Seek Support: Talk to someone you trust. Sometimes, voicing our feelings can offer clarity.
5. Limit Exposure: If a topic is too intense, stepping away and returning when ready is okay. You control your exposure as a sovereign soul. Do not expect others to limit their voice because you find it intense. Of course, we don’t think there will be many uncomfortable encounters. Still, we are here to manage expectations, limit awkward moments, and reiterate that our members take personal responsibility for their feelings.

To wrap up, the path of self-discovery is only sometimes comfortable, and business owners, on some level, have decided being in business is a vehicle for their own personal growth journey. Lessons are constantly offered to us in business, we get to decide how we embrace the lesson.

During this journey,  we often find the uneven Terrian the most challenging, but the most rewarding…we often find our true selves. Dive into the deep end, but remember to come up for air, reflect, and understand. We’re all on this journey together, pushing boundaries and seeking knowledge. Embrace the Rebel Heart spirit, and let’s navigate the uncharted together.

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