You Are An Essential Worker

This is in response to the recent mention that lockdowns might come back. First of all, I say, ‘f*ck that shit.’ I packed up and left Melbourne to escape the lockdowns, if you know my story. I have a very low tolerance for this kind of talk. It is a control mechanism to transfer wealth and control under the guise of safety. I may be wrong; people can believe what they want, but I am allergic to this kind of talk.

One thing that got on my goat during the last lockdown was the idea of “essential workers.” We are all essential workers in the theater of life, and I thought I would remind us all that we are in case they try to snafu us with this idea again as a means to strip the wealth from the middle-class and blue-collar families. Forget the titles, the corporate jargon, or the color of your uniform—if you’re a mom, a dad, a small business owner, or anyone who contributes to the rhythm of daily life, you’re as essential as they come. 

The Backbone of Society: Small Business Owners

Shifting our focus to the entrepreneurial spirits among us, small business owners are the unsung backbones of our communities.

You’re not just running a business but nurturing a dream and fostering a community. Your coffee shop, tech start-up, or local grocery store is more than a source of income; it’s a lifeline for others. Small business owners get creative when the going gets tough. Whether navigating through a pandemic or dealing with supply chain issues, you’re an indispensable problem solver.

The Economic Powerhouse

Let’s sprinkle some undeniable facts here. Did you know that:

  • Small businesses contribute to about 44% of the U.S. GDP?
  • They create two-thirds of new jobs in the private sector?
  • Over 50% of Americans either own or work for a small business?

You’re not just a disposable cog that can be turned off without impact; you’re a massive gear in the engine that drives our nation forward, which is why they want to break us. Collectively, we are powerful, but when individually struggling and isolated, we quickly forget. Utilizing the lack of production is also convenient to cause supply chain shortages, which help push the price of things up. This further widens the gap between the haves and nots; high costs mean money becomes tight and pushes land, property, and access to influence out of the hands of regular folk into the burgeoning feudalism class. 

The Tapestry We Weave

Just like individual threads in a grand tapestry, each one of us adds unique patterns and colors to the fabric of society. It’s not just about big corporations or multi-billion-dollar industries. It’s about Sally’s bakery with the perfect loaf of bread, Tom’s auto shop where everybody is a friend, and the families that raise children to become the change-makers of tomorrow.

The beauty lies in our diversity—different people with different skills and dreams, all essential in creating a balanced and harmonious life. We are all essential because we are all here, part of nature and this co-created reality that brings so much joy and beauty. 

The Essential Cog in Reality

Rebel Hearts, take a moment to appreciate yourselves. You are the ones who make reality tick. From fulfilling the most basic human needs to inspiring others with your creativity, your contribution is a wheel in the machinery of life. Never underestimate your impact.

Stay Rebel. Stay Essential.

PS: I would add that every single one of you to make life a bit better for someone else—you’re not just essential workers; you’re the essence of what makes this reality beautiful.

Keep on creating, keep on dreaming, and never forget your worth.

Cheers to us, the essential workers of life!


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